Micronex Systems Inc is building a new website

Our new website http://www.micronexsystems.com is under construction, however, it already contains information about KDS Micronex, our flagship product, its benefits, and applications. The website is integrated with social media and it has a modern design and functionality. Many thanks to Adam Powell, our Vice President of Operations who provided us with KDS Micronex pictures.


  1. Hello Dimitri, I’ve followed FASC (and owned stock in it) for close to 20 years, and have emailed Adam and Brian many times. So glad to see that it appears to be on the verge of some major projects, and possibly getting the stock relisted, perhaps under a new name?

    I like this new website too. FASC has never had a good one, so I hope this one becomes a winner. 😉 It used to have a Facebook page but it looks like that has disappeared. Did you do that, and will there be a new one to replace it?

    Keep up the good work!

    Cheers, Charlie

  2. Hello Charlie, thanks for your comment. We try our best to provide a good website for the subsidiary of FASC.

  3. Thank you for continuing the FASC dream! Hopefully it will be the start of things to come!!

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