Waste Shredder

We try our best to provide our customers with turnkey solutions, so our R&D team is working on an industrial waste shredder. The machine is coming soon, therefore to get updates from us:

Be in touch, the Waste Shredder is coming soon

covered waste shredderMicronex Systems Inc. undertakes all projects in close cooperation with its customers and partners. We begin with evaluating the feasibility of waste or feedstock material processing. After that, we continue through design, construction, and pre-assembling of customized equipment. So, we go all the way through to its successful launch and subsequent follow-up.

Micronex Systems Inc., in alliance with its partners, has a Research & Development team that can provide all engineering aspects of a project. In this way, we offer turnkey solutions that eventually are able to meet the unique challenges of our customers.

A good example of such a solution was the design and installation of the KDS Micronex™ in New York. It efficiently dries and grinds paper mill sludge to produce a variety of commercial end products, including dairy farm bedding, hydromulch, drilling mud, lost circulation materials, and fiber clay pellets.

Micronex Systems Inc. continues to invest in R&D to improve waste processing techniques and procedures. For example, our Infrared Drying Conveyor drew great attention from our current customers who sought additional value by pre-drying material resulting in increased throughput.

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