Infrared Drying Conveyor

The Infrared Drying Conveyor is a safe and efficient system able to dry a wide range of materials. In addition, it is the perfect feeding system for the patented KDS Micronex™ machine.

Drying Process

The Infrared Conveyor uses a drying process in which it removes moisture from the feedstock material to the air through heating the material and, finally, evaporating the moisture. The application of external heat to speed up the evaporation process is common practice in biomass drying. Most noteworthy, the heat transfer occurs from the infrared heaters directly into the material.

In the biomass industry, drying can be an intermediate operation (i.e. reducing moisture content before grinding) or a finishing one (i.e. grinding and drying in one process with the KDS Micronex). We designed the Infrared Drying Conveyor to be used with the KDS Micronex for intermediate drying of feedstock materials with high moisture content.

Main Features of the Infrared Drying Conveyor

The Infrared Drying Conveyor uses infrared light to penetrate material directly without releasing the heat to the atmosphere. There are several modes of using the Infrared Drying Conveyor:

  • as additional equipment to assist the KDS Micronex by pre-drying feedstock materials with high moisture content. It also preheats the feedstock material to maintain the required temperature inside the KDS Micronex
  • as a standalone solution for applications without grinding
  • the infrared lamps are connected to an adjustable switch to control the heat output
  • a blower at the end of the conveyor removes evaporated moisture as the product moves through the conveyor. This allows for dryer product to be fed into the KDS Micronex.

The system has a simple and reliable construction which has a minimal footprint. In addition, it is taking up very little space within a warehouse and can be positioned on a standard concrete floor and doesn’t need any special foundations.

We designed the Infrared Drying Conveyor for drying in medium and large production to increase throughput for the KDS Micronex because it will pre-dry and preheat materials before entering the system. These units are provided preassembled so there is minimal work to set these conveyors up after their arrival on site.


infrared drying conveyorTechnical Parameters

  • length: 8.23M
  • max. conveyor width: 1.1M
  • max. material height: 0.1M (adjustable)
  • speed: 1-5M/minute
  • infrared lamps: 10-20 per 9M (30-foot) conveyor
  • temperature: up to 500°C (932°F)
  • power consumption: 43kW/hr
  • power : 3 phase power, built to customer’s power requirements


  • provides adjustable low energy heat
  • able to be directly and easily connected to the KDS Micronex
  • can be fully automated (upon request)

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