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Company overview

Micronex Systems Inc is a private Canadian company wholly owned by First American Scientific Corp (Incorporated on April 12, 1995, in the State of Nevada, USA).

First American Scientific Corp. (parent) invented, designed, and developed a unique grinding technology using Kinetic energy to Dry and Size a wide range of raw materials. The machine using this technology is called KDS Micronex™ and it has the capability to dry and size various feedstocks to a fine powder in one cost-effective step.

Micronex Systems Inc was formed on September 29, 2017, as a subsidiary of First American Scientific Corp. (FASC) to improve the brand recognition of the KDS Micronex. The company is the manufacturer and supplier of the KDS Micronex. Its headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Abbotsford, BC, Canada less than one hour south-east of Vancouver.

Office building of Micronex Systems Inc

We are committed to meeting all our customers’ needs and have the experience to assist them in designing complete systems around the KDS Micronex. Furthermore, we have a global presence with successful projects operating worldwide.

Consequently, our team has the ability to help you turn your waste problem into a valuable resource.

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Flagship product

Most noteworthy, our flagship product is the KDS Micronex™, patented grinder-dryer which grinds and dries materials in a single-step process without needing any heat input.

The KDS Micronex grinds a material as it falls into the grinding chamber where spinning chains or bars reach tip speeds of 200 m/s. This creates high-velocity airflow (4000 cfm) and produces high-velocity impacts on the material being processed. A simultaneous drying event occurs due to:

  • repeated striking of the material against the chains/baffle plates inside the grinding chamber, and against itself, create kinetic energy which consequently heats the material
  • high-velocity impacts force moisture out of the material and reduce particle size (increasing exposure to evaporating airflow)
  • airflow created helps evaporate surface moisture and keep the particles suspended in air (allowing for air to flow over the complete surface area of the material).

KDS Micronex Flaghip Product of Micronex Systems Inc

Clients of Micronex Systems Inc choose the KDS Micronex™ because the machine is:

  • able to grind and dry materials in one economically efficient process
  • able to convert a wide range of biomass or other input materials into uniform dry and pathogen-free powders
  • highly efficient and reliable, has a small footprint, low ownership cost, good usability, and safe

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Our partners

These are companies that we have strategically chosen to partner with, to help us grow our business. In addition, they also ensure we are always offering our customers the best solutions and services possible. So, if you would like to be a partner with Micronex Systems Inc, please contact us. Our partners and partnerships are beneficial for both parties and allow everyone to expand their horizons.

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Our projects

Micronex Systems Inc serves end users in the forest, pulp and paper, agriculture, and recycling industries in Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Poland and other countries around the world.

For example, in Hong Kong, a KDS Micronex was selected to dry sludge from a municipal wastewater treatment plant due to its low power consumption and low investment cost. It dries, disinfects, and reduces the material size. It also saves energy costs, reduces emissions, and environmental effects. As a result, the system sludge is dried from 60-80% moisture content to a dry powder with 10-20% moisture. More importantly, the resulting powder is nearly 100% pathogen free.

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Our core values


Micronex Systems Inc highly appreciates the open and honest relationships it has with its customers and partners.


Micronex Systems Inc aspires to deliver best-in-class performance and reliability in all aspects of quality, safety, and project management.


Micronex Systems Inc listens attentively to the needs of its customers and dedicates its best efforts to deliver products and services that help them succeed. We strive to help our customers accomplish their goals in a changing environment.


Micronex Systems Inc leverages the diverse talents of its employees, customers, business partners, shareholders, and suppliers. We seek out opportunities to drive improvement and innovation in all aspects of our business.


Micronex Systems Inc stands behind everything we do. As a result, our reputation is one of our greatest assets because we take personal responsibility for creating an outstanding customer experience.

Our mission statement

Our mission is to design, test and equip our clients with reliable and efficient equipment which is able to turn waste into valuable resources, and consequently providing a better future for future generations.

The strategy of Micronex Systems Inc

Our strategy includes a vision of the future where:

  • Customer service and relationships is a competitive advantage.
  • Unique and reliable products help our customers succeed.
  • Customers create a more sustainable world.
  • Business model drives superior results.
  • People are talented and adhere to our core values.
  • Performance rewards our investors.

Finally, we pay attention to four areas of strategic goals:

  • Leadership: Our customers are more successful with us rather than with our competitors.
  • Synergy: We have cooperative and mutually beneficial relationships with all our partners.
  • Excellence: We have excellent financial performance and are a solid long-term investment.
  • Best Team: Our employees enjoy a safe, friendly and productive place to work.

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