Drinor CDP

The Drinor Continuous Dewatering Press (CDP) is a unique, patented technology which uses high pressure to squeeze excess moisture from various feedstock materials such as wood chips, sludge, etc. Due to its high capacity, it can meet the demands of large volume applications.

Key points of the Drinor CDP:

  • Patented technique
  • Applicable for all bio-materials
  • Mobile, easy to retrofit
  • Removes excessive moisture

Drinor in a labaratory

Applicable materials

  • Sawdust and woodchips can be compressed down to 30% moisture content
  • Bark can be compressed to around 50% moisture content resulting in open fibers, which allow for further drying using hot air.
  • Logging residuals can be compressed resulting in separation of the bark from the wood making it possible to deliver separate streams.
  • Fiber sludge can be compressed to reduce moisture content from 70% to around 45%.

wood chips processed by drinor

Contact us if you have any questions regarding using the Drinor CDP with the KDS Micronex™

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